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KIA Selects TouchNetix for Smart Surface Solution

Our AX54A user interface chip has been selected by KIA and Alps Alpine for the all new electric EV9 SUV. Our aXiom technology enables a row of smart surface dashboard buttons which control the Audio Video Navigation (AVN).

The feature is a hidden and back-lit smart surface directly on the dashboard that is actuated by touching. With our patented force sensing technology aXiom provides an additional layer of functional safety during user interaction. 


Our aXiom user interface chips expand how users will interact with capacitive touchscreens and simplify the design process for engineers. aXiom is the first user interface chip family in the world to deliver 80dB of SNR, well over 100x the SNR of its competitors, while delivering the world’s best water rejection, capacitive force sensing, and a touchless user interface.

This revolutionary user interface chip is easy to design into your products and will perform in even the most demanding environments and applications. 

Sensor Modules


TouchNetix proudly offers our Chrominance Sensor Modules for those customers looking for the best touchscreen solutions. 

These solutions are complete with our TouchNetix aXiom user interface chips, sensor and cover lens.


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Our Applications


Capacitive touchscreens have become the industry standard for infotainment, climate and media control, and the whole cockpit user experience in the Automotive market.


Capacitive touchscreens are ideally suited to many industrial applications due to their robustness and ease of operation.

Appliances & Consumer

Our touchscreens can be integrated into almost any device, replacing mechanical buttons and often reducing the size for a sleeker more appealing design which is easy to clean.


Unlike traditional buttons and dials, a capacitive touchscreen can be disinfected thoroughly and there are no recesses where germs and dirt can accumulate.

Point of Sale & Kiosk

aXiom not only delivers the best capacitive touch experience, but can deliver Air Tap, Air Swipe, and other touchless user interface features that do not require users to touch the display.

Military & Aerospace

Touchscreens can be used in a range of aerospace applications including cockpit displays such as navigation systems, flight chart monitoring, and in-flight entertainment.


Outdoor usage places stringent demands on a touchscreen interface. The touchscreen will be exposed to the elements and our aXiom technology can combat these issues and provide a solution that works in all conditions.


A well-designed touchscreen enhances the gaming experience and ensures the device meets the rigorous requirements the industry expects.

What makes TouchNetix so great?

TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative user experiences based on touch technology. The aXiom family of user interface chips enable touchless user interfaces and 3D sensing capabilities to create new and innovative features for modern product development. TouchNetix manufactures chips and touch sensor modules to a world-wide customer base with offices in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, China and through our distribution partners.

TouchNetix’s aXiom chips are designed for the Automotive, Appliance, Medical, and other Industrial markets touch user interfaces. The aXiom chips enable touchless and 3D sensing above the surface as well as force-sensing touch alongside traditional touch capabilities. The solution requires no additional sensor technologies such as camera or infrared to enable 3D sensing.